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Monitor Car Rental Activity in Your Region

Car rental owners and general managers around the world have been hoping for up to date market trends so they can understand the global situation of their own region.

As world premier from October 2020, WeYield releases its car rental data twice a month for the benefit of the industry. Check your region hereafter.

Report Highlights

WeYield have aggregated data from it’s wide range of clients in order to bring you a top level view of the next 4 months in your region.

How should you use this data?

  • Analyse the trends: Our Customers can use this data to understand how their own business is performing versus the region they belong to. Is your YoY performance inline? Have you got the same future demand peaks? Is your incoming reservation volumes similar to the whole market?
  • Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses: Once our Customers have identified potential problem areas they can plan to attack these and rectify the issues. Perhaps you are in a better position and can afford to raise rates for some periods?
  • Act and Measure: The reports are refreshed every two weeks, track the progress of your actions in your identified areas of concern.

How are the charts computed?

For each market, we aggregate our client's data from the WeYield databases. Data is delivered direct from their operating systems every day. This enables us to have a strong understanding of how their demand is building as well as the history of the demand for the same period at the same time last year.
We have selected the following KPIs for our charts:

  • Days on rent: This year booking patterns have changed. Our customers tell us that lead times have shorted and that the number of very short and very long durations of rental have increased. As a result it is important to compare your number of days on rent versus last year to understand if overall volumes have changed.
  • RPD: How much revenue per rental day is an important benchmark for prices achieved.
  • Cancellations: We have seen an increase in cancellation since COVID arrival, hence our Customers are monitoring this KPI closely, as it can result in late price/fleet decisions to meet goals.
  • Fleet: In general fleet has reduced, as Customers have reduced risk of exposure.
  • Utilisation: With a reduced fleet it is important to focus on Utilisation in order to ensure you do not sell at an unprofitable price level.
  • Reservations by day: This helps clients understand the demand for car rental and compare it to last year, so they can plan their pricing strategy accordingly.

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