WeYield - Car Rental revenue managers, save time and yield!

Enhance and ease your car rental revenue strategy!

We provide AI and automation based software for car rental and mobility businesses. Rate shop and market intelligence, revenue management system, booking and fleet management.

Car rental and mobility industries rely on our solutions

From 100 to 10000 car fleet, independents and major's franchisees already use WeYield revenue management software.

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60 clients

1 300 stations

55 000 cars fleet

28 millions prices stored

96% client retention

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Data collection

Comfy: No more manual time consuming and boring daily task. WeYield apps do the jobs at night.

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Data processing

Simple: WeYield Apps compute all the data collected for you.

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Data analysis

Clear: All information is easily readable, grouped and compared automatically.

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Decision making

Clever: You can now focus much more time and attention on piloting your revenue.

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Team working

Powerful: All your team and boss can now share information in real time and work together easily on one single tool!

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Performance monitoring

Rewarding: In real time you can check your results and adjust your strategy.

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Increase your speed in analysis and action

Car rental industry is a very specific market: season peaks, brokers, fleet, pricing…
And speed in analysis and action is key. Your job needs automated tools to save your time.
WeYield build them. But we are not just software providers: we play the game with our customers!
Dialog matters. Cooperation is a key factor to deliver efficiency and productivity
through a great experience. WeYield, WeCare, YouPilot.

Training yield management
We share our knowledge with you
consulting revenue management
We provide tailor-made advice
support call center application
We stand with you
piloting your revenue
Piloting tools
Scalable professionnal online apps

Great state of mind
We go further together


Guys with a yield and revenue management knowledge!

portrait emmanuel scuto ceo advisor
Emmanuel Scuto
CEO & Advisor
james godefrey customer success
James Godfrey
Customer Success Manager
portrait Noémie Chaffurin Customer Success Manager
Noémie Chaffurin
Customer Success Manager
portrait stevens maugé web developper
Stevens Maugé
Digital Manager
Christian Cadéré
Christian Cadéré
Chief Technical Officer
alexandre Jureidini web developer
Alexandre Jureidini
Fullstack Engineer
Thibaud Dejean web developer
Thibaud Dejean
Fullstack Engineer
yue qiao web developper
Charles Olympio
Back-end Developer

We are often asked

« What if my competitors also get WeYield apps? »

logo balance ethic trust    Trust and ethic

As your banker, we are held to the strictest confidence.
It’s a matter of ethics and trust for us too.

logo balance ethic trust    A smarter market

Look at airline and hotel industry. Can they work without revenue management systems anymore? Sure not. So, we strongly believe that the more company will implement revenue management solutions, the more efficient they will be and the smarter their market will become.

You want to work with more comfort,
more efficiency and in a relax way?

you are ready to:

  •    Challenge your own daily data
  •    Work in trust and confidence
  •    Communicate friendly
  •    See change as a booster

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We have the French Touch!
WeYield is 100% developed, financed,
supported and hosted in France.