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« I can anticipate much more in advance with WeYield web applications, I have a such faster access to the pricing information, saving me so much time. I embrace a wider scope of seasonal prices and can anticipe much more in advance. Being able to control broker’prices is a great added value. »

Dario Gianfreda
Revenue Manager
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« Vos conseils prodigués au registre du management de nos compagnies et de l’industrie en général amènent une bouffée d’air frais et un angle d’observation qui revêt un caractère important à nos yeux. »

Yves Tabuteau
General Manager
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La Réunion

« It is simple: without Weyield Apps, I am just blind. This set of tools is incredibly simple to handle. For me, WeYield application is the best Revenue Management tool ever for car rental! »

Thibault Dagorne
Thibault Dagorne
Revenue Manager
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Atlantique, France (7000 cars)

« The new version of WeYield apps is much more comprehensive, much clearer than the previous one. On the rate shop analyzer module, I like the survey comparison a lot: it helps me to go faster. »

Ilkka Tegelberg Revenue Manager
Ilkka Tegelberg
Revenue Manager
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EC Finland

« First time in the morning, I can have an overview of what happened yesterday in term of performance and quick identify business opportunities for the given period. In one click, I get everything I need to control my business. »

Aurélie Liévin
Aurélie Liévin
Operation director
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« From a Thermeon perspective, our involvement is very simple. We send a daily Cyberquery extract to WeYield and they work their magic. »

Russel Lindfield
Sales Director
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Asia Pacific

« We are very happy with the partnership that we have with WeYield and are very excites to hear of their ongoing innovation and development plans. We appreciate the synergy that such innovate thinking has with our business. »

Kate Archibald
Kate Archibald
General Manager
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New Zealand (2500 cars)

« Much easier to get a quick view of how we are positioned on the market vs the competitors. »

Mikkel Bloch
Mikkel Bloch
Customer Client Manager
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Denmark (3000 cars)
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We have the French Touch!
WeYield is 100% developed, financed,
supported and hosted in France.


Due to ITB cancelation, our Revenue Management Forum will become an online webinar instead. More information to come on our social networks and by email. Stay tuned.