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Merce Cunningham
portrait revenue manager Emmanuel scuto

Emmanuel SCUTO

CEO & Advisor

Emmanuel comes from leisure industry and is an expert in Revenue Management since 20 years. He has been working as Inventory Manager at Disneyland Paris before to move to corporate hotel where he served as Director of Sales and Revenue Management at Concorde Lafayette (now Hyatt Regency). Then he moved to the car rental world to set and lead the Revenue Management for Europcar International. He is also a pioneer : since 2007, he has been starting with Pierre-Nicolas Tollitte in 2008, a new web application known as the PEC Calendar Intelligence, the first online special event app designed by and for revenue managers and sales. Emmanuel likes trail biking and serving his Community through his Rotary activities.
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office manager Anne-Claire Levrault

Anne-Claire Levrault

Office Manager

Anne-Claire provides administrative, financial and managerial support in IT industry since 20 years. Prior to joining WeYield, she has held various positions including Office Manager, Project Manager, business unit manager or management and organisation consultant. This experience gave her the ability to wear multiple hats to organise and to keep business running smoothly. She has a strong sense of service, an awareness of the human aspects of the company and a taste for technological and challenging environment. Deeply driven by her interest in group dynamics and efficient organisation, she “makes things happen”.
In her leisure time, Anne-Claire enjoys boards games, yoga and fencing to stay “zen” and agile."

customer success manager sixt noémie chaffurin


Customer Success Manager

Noémie is passionate about revenue management and the leisure side of the travel industry. She has 7 years of experience in tourism: working for tour operators, the hotel industry and most recently as a Yield Manager at Sixt France (6 years). She has enjoyed studying and analyzing many case studies to improve the yearly performance indicators of a wide range of Sixt FR branches, from a large agency such as CDG to the branch of downtown Bayonne. She appreciated being close to Operations to better understand their needs and then improve global trade.
Noémie loves meeting people from all over the world, traveling to natural wonders, diving with Pacific manta rays, reading suspense books, chilling in the Summer ... And She also gave herself the challenge of running a half marathon each year.


Photo James Godfrey customer sucess


Customer Success Manager

James has been working in the Travel Industry since the early 2000s in a variety of pricing and analyst roles, for well-known Tour Operators such as TUI to OTAs including lastminute.com, Travelocity and Opodo.
Most recently he was working for QL2, a competitive pricing data provider, managing clients from a wide range of travel businesses including airlines, accommodation providers, OTAs, Cruise, Rail, Bus and Car Rental. James is passionate about customer success and endeavors to deep dive into his client’s businesses to ensure their needs are met.
In his spare time, James enjoys watching films, mountain trekking, going to the gym, barbecues (UK weather permitting!) and spending time with his family.

Christian CADÉRÉ Chief  Technical Officer

Christian CADÉRÉ

Chief Technical Officer

Christian has always been passionate about computers and programming. He has started his first software company at age 12, selling programs for pocket calculators in his schoolyard. He also studied computer science from a more theoretical point of view, and passed his PhD in 2010, specializing in graph algorithms and machine learning. Afterwards he created keenSoftware, a "real" software company, dedicated to develop custom business Web apps. In 2016, he joined as CTO one of his former clients, Depopass, a fintech that had just been bought by BPCE, the second largest bank in France, providing a secure online payment service for second hand car transactions.
Christian loves classical music (Beethoven, Pink Floyd), gaming, reading, and is passionate about travels and photography.

Photo alexandre jureidini web developer


Fullstack Engineer

Alexandre is working with Pierre-Nicolas on a brand new way to fetch and process the rates and all the data link to them.
It’s going to change the way we do our rate shop analysis: no doubt for the best. Alexandre is also a gamer and listens to a lot of hard rock. Don’t be surprised if you see him wearing a different metal band shirt every day or if you come across him jumping during a concert.

Photo Thibaud Dejean Fullstack Engineer

Thibaud DEJEAN

Fullstack Engineer

Thibaud joined WeYield in July 2019 after three years of experience in B2C fintech.
Open-minded and always ready to help others, he is eager to build end to end solutions to help solve business challenges. Thibaud likes trekking and skiing, especially in his homeland, the Alps, eating and cooking (or the other way around) and playing all sorts of games, from the latest video games to traditional board games.

Photo yohan martin Analyst Developer


Analyst Developer Apprentice

Yohann is an apprentice engineer and is passionate about programming.
After having started programming at the age of 14 as a self-taught programmer, he devotes a major part of his time to developing personal projects on different technologies. His objective at WeYield is to actively participate in the development of new functionalities while improving existing ones and learning from his missions. Besides development, he likes to play classical and electric guitar, spend time with his friends, as well as play online video games of cooperation with them.

Photo Adrian rosari data scientist


Back-end Developer

Charles, specialized in back-end development, is working with Christian as an intern.
He is working on the automation of data integrity auditing and automated smart insights generation. His work will ensure the quality and limit errors in data and provide value for our clients.
Charles really likes video games, philosophy and listening to jazz music. Can you challenge this fierce competitor on his own field?

You may see various teams ?

We are one!

At WeYield every people is important and we strongly believe that together, we are far more intelligent.
Our digital apps are made and improved from the team brain juice!

You noticed?

   We are all great professionals but we like to work in a cool and good state of mind.
   We cherish our products meetings because every opinion matters
   Our customers satisfaction is our pride.
   We love when our clients come with questions and ideas on our apps.
   The annual forum is a good opportunity to exchange all together.

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WeYield is 100% developed, financed,
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Due to ITB cancelation, our Revenue Management Forum will become an online webinar instead. More information to come on our social networks and by email. Stay tuned.