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Merce Cunningham
portrait revenue manager Emmanuel scuto

Emmanuel SCUTO

CEO & Advisor

Emmanuel comes from leisure industry and is an expert in Revenue Management since 20 years. He has been working as Inventory Manager at Disneyland Paris before to move to corporate hotel where he served as Director of Sales and Revenue Management at Concorde Lafayette (now Hyatt Regency). Then he moved to the car rental world to set and lead the Revenue Management for Europcar International. He is also a pioneer : since 2007, he has been starting with Pierre-Nicolas Tollitte in 2008, a new web application known as the PEC Calendar Intelligence, the first online special event app designed by and for revenue managers and sales. Emmanuel likes trail biking and serving his Community through his Rotary activities.
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david cretin yield senior advisor


Yield Advisor

David worked at Europcar France and Avis Budget Group. He started as a reservation agent and then became a great call center supervisor. He jumped into the pricing analyzes in 2000 before occupying more expert functions (from fleet optimization to head of yield, pricing and capacity management)… So he knows what he is talking about, you know? Emmanuel and David met in 2008 and understood they could do some great things together to provide help to independent Car Rental Business enterprises all over the world.
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photo cto Pierre-Nicolas Tollitte

Pierre-Nicolas TOLLITTE

CTO, Javascript and Python Architect.

Pierre-Nicolas met Emmanuel Scuto in 2008. Together, they started their collaboration with PEC Calendar Intelligence project. After a PhD in Computer Science, Pierre-Nicolas joined WeYield to take over all the development part. He is responsible for the technical choices and the technical design of WeYield applications. He is a passionate developer and always happy to discover new skills and cultures.
Pierre-Nicolas likes meditation, rock climbing, and learning languages.

web developer stevens maugé

Stevens MAUGÉ

Web Developer

Stevens joined the team in 2013. He was originally dedicated at maintaining and monitoring our apps. He knows each part of them and works everyday to improve and provide a better experience to our customers. He also takes an active part to innovation projects. Stevens is also a great gamer, so who knows, maybe one day, we will provide even more fun in our apps!
Stevens likes vinyl records and video games and he can't resist a Waffle Factory break.

Photo Grégoire chauvet web developer

Grégoire CHAUVET

Web Developer

Grégoire started at WeYield as a intern in 2015. He liked the team and the products so he decided to stay after being graduated as Engineer in computer science! Yield Management has no longer secret for him. He works with Pierre-Nicolas and Stevens on our apps and innovations projects.
When he is not coding, Grégoire likes SF books. Ho, by the way, Grégoire is always ready to set up afterworks, and he always has a good joke!

Photo alexandre jureidini web developer


Web Developer

Alexandre is working with Pierre-Nicolas on a brand new way to fetch and process the rates and all the data link to them.
It’s going to change the way we do our rate shop analysis: no doubt for the best. Alexandre is also a gamer and listens to a lot of hard rock. Don’t be surprised if you see him wearing a different metal band shirt every day or if you come across him jumping during a concert.

You may see various teams ?

We are one!

At WeYield every people is important and we strongly believe that together, we are far more intelligent.
Our digital apps are made and improved from the team brain juice!

You noticed?

   We are all great professionals but we like to work in a cool and good state of mind.
   We cherish our products meetings because every opinion matters
   Our customers satisfaction is our pride.
   We love when our clients come with questions and ideas on our apps.
   The annual forum is a good opportunity to exchange all together.

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We have the French Touch!
WeYield is 100% developed, financed,
supported and hosted in France.