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Pricing Pace

Instantly get price evolution reports for a given departure date to easily visualize a rich history of rate movements.

This report shows car rental revenue managers the evolution of prices over time in their chosen markets (competitor sets) for a selected pickup date and chosen duration. Clients can identify competitor pricing strategies and seasonal pricing practices.

Time saving, no data manipulation required: charts are automated based on rateshopping schedule = efficient data analysis.

Users can go back in the past and analyze an actual period to get some learning out of the pricing pace of the market vs the actual performance recorded.

Unlimited logins means that access can be shared with other departments at no extra cost.

The data are in a consistent format and displayed in a simple manner. Check your prices in the blink of an eye.

How it works

  • Rateshop data is scheduled and output data is cleaned to guarantee consistency.
  • WeYield uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to accurately map car type and features (prepaid/insurance/fuel policies).
  • Clients determine their own mapping of cars to their preferred car group setup, to ensure comparisons are ‘like for like’.
  • Cloud based platform means access via internet from both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Clients create markets or competitor sets to view data from different angles.
  • Select a date in the departure date filter to be analyzed. Nota: it has to be a “shopped” as a date not monitored by the rate query can not display any data.

Screenshot apps

We took inspiration from the stock exchange market display. The box plot is easy to read to position my price evolution against market movements. It quickly identifies how far you were from the two extremes of the market, the two quartiles, and the median. The size of the box indicates how competitive the market was (how close the pricing was clustered) on a particular data capture data.

Screenshot apps

Removing the boxplot enables the analyst to identify precisely the competitor names. The selector works the same way as the price curves: click on the curve or on the operator on the list below the graph.


  • This module is applicable for Rateshopping module subscribers only.
  • This module makes sense if Rateshopping is run on a regular and consistent basis. Otherwise, a lot of holes will be displayed and reading will be difficult. Please ask your Customer Success Manager if interested in a demo of our rateshopping suite of reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see more capture dates for my selected pickup date?
The dates displayed are as per your previous rate collections, WeYield can only display data that you have previously captured either via scheduled shopping or rateshop planner activity.

How do I ensure the right car types are being compared?
Our car rental pricing software allows users to define car groups to maintain competitors sets/groups of comparable cars, enabling very accurate like for like pricing.

Are these net rate prices?
These are retail selling prices that customers see in their web searches.

I have to click on all the curves to get all the competitors, is it possible to have everyone in one click ?
We decided not to automatically select each competitor, just your own brand at the start to have a clear display. The reason is that it is not relevant to compare against a particular competitor but more to control your price positioning vs your own constraints (fleet availability and demand forecast*) and then you can select the most relevant competitors by yourself.

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