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Check your prices

Track your market competitors
Save time in data collection
Car mapping made easy with A.I.
Control your rate parity

Rank your prices

Get instant overview of your station prices
Manage your competitors by market
Set alerts on any price changes

Control your demand

Automatic data feed every day
Monitor your booking trends
Anticipate your demand
Compare your performance with last year
Adjust your fleet with your demand

Adjust your fleet

Instant view of your fleet availability
Keep your strategy under control
Get a total geographical overview
Anticipate your capacity to reduce downselling
Predict fleet movements

Monitor your performance

Monitor your key performance indicators
Share all your company metrics
Analyze your revenue quality
Split your business by market segments
Challenge your brokers performance

Time is saved with alerts

Be alerted when diverted from your tactic
Receive alerts by email
Monitor your fleet occupancy
Concentrate on analysis and actions
Easy and powerful utilization

Get access everywhere

Available on smartphone and tablet
No app needed: just open your mobile
Monitor your activity while traveling abroad
Remain updated with freshed data

« It is simple: without cocktail RM, I am just blind. This set of tools is incredibly simple to handle. For me, WeYield application is the best RM tool ever for car rental! »

Thibault Dagorne
Revenue Manager
Europcar Atlantique

New features:

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Car model added in the tooltip in prices module

Now the model of the car corresponding to the price is displayed in the tooltip.

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New bookings module

This new module allows to control the trend of reservation prices of the last weeks or days. Also lets know pick up days and compare it to your speed last year.

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Bookings and reporting current export

Allows to export the data of the bookings chart and or reporting table to be able to control them. This is intended to validate the data that seems wrong.

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Email notifications

It is possible to receive email to know when the rateshop files has been imported in the app or if the activity file has been late for more than 24h.

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Errors export for imported files

Download a file of data inconsistencies detected by the app in the file sent by the user.

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New analysis axis in report module: Durations

It is now possible to analyze every durations in the reporting module.

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Filter not configured for company and segment

You can now display the unconfigured companies and segments via this filter.

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Total revenue in reporting

This filter allows you to display your revenue including the ancillaries.

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Alert Module per mail

This new feature allows you to receive your alerts by email.

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Alert Module

The alert module allows keeping an eye on a period or a specific category. Three type of alerts are available: Rateshop, Utilization monitoring and Utilization variation.

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Fuel Policy

In some countries, fuel option is a market component. Now, if your brokers display price differences for fuel, you will be able to split your pricing analysis with or without it.

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Market price variances

You can now compare how the market prices changed over one, two or three weeks. Simply select the appropriate comparison window and it will be displayed aside the current rates shopped.

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Car groups can be sorted via drag-and-drop

You can now order your car groups with a simple drag and drop. No more ugly prefix like "01-" to sort them out manually. Nice!

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Geographical grouping

We are thrilled to share that now, all geographical grouping of your stations can be done. With a simple drag and drop button, you can create and set the order of any region the way it is important for your business.

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Excluded car group

Data from this car group will no longer be displayed anywhere on the application, even on the home page. Useful to exclude the unwanted car model.

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Competitors are in colors

Each car rental is now set with its own brand color (the more we were able to set at least).

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Geographical grouping

We are thrilled to share that now, all geographical grouping of your stations can be done. With a simple drag and drop button, you can create and set the order of any region the way it is important for your business.

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Date selection

To improve the speed of analysis, a list of preset-date selectors has been released. Just click on the list of choices and boom! It is done.

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Rateshop data export

This feature was existing in the previous version of our apps. In order to answer to the strong demand to get it back. By clicking on the "download", it is now possible to retrieve a nice cleaned and formatted table of rates shopped during any survey.

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After the initial module presented last WTM, the module 2 "reporting" is now available for expert users to pilot with advanced KPI including revenue, revcar, market segment and customer optimization.

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Rateshop access list

Grégoire has upgraded the index of shop history to ease the identification of similar shops. It is now quick to group queries together and compare them with each other. Much faster for the analysis.

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Automatic car mapping

No doubt that car mapping was a heavy and time-consuming task. This is over. On the new version of WeYield apps, Pierre-Nicolas has created a brand new car mapping system based on the state-of-the-art machine learning technology. Impact for you: no car mapping anymore. IA is nice, machine learning is great!

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Get your apps in local language

Your apps are now available in different languages. In addition to native English and French, we have been adding Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Your version will be automatically updated in the language of your IP.

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