WeYield - Car Performance Index for the car rental industry

Compare your performance indicators against your competitors

As a car rental operator, either independent or franchisee, WeYield proposes the first performance index to compare yourself with your direct competitors on fleet, utilization or RPD metrics.

Fleet performance
Average fleet per location compared with the market
Utilization compared with the benchmark

Revenue performance
Revenue Per Day
Revenue Per Available Car

Operation performance
Number of check-outs (or departures)

Market overall position
See what is your position among the other competitors.

How it works

  • Via your operating system, we will extract every night your operational data for both Cars and Trucks.
  • You define the perimeter of your market by picking other competitors with similar size. WeYield will just control the consistency of your selection.
  • You can compare your performance indicators againts the agregated one of your competitors. To protect the confidentiality of all the operators, it is not possible to see the individual performance of a given car rental operator except yours.
  • The security of data transfers is guaranteed by the HTTPS protocol, which is used to encrypt banking transactions. Your data is hosted on dedicated servers at OVH, one of the best hosting providers in Europe. These servers are operated only by WeYield and we are the only ones who have access to them.
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We took inspiration from hotel industry working for years with these indicators to compare with their market.

How should I use this data?

  • Analyse: Examine the big picture, historically where do you sit against your competitors on your Key Indicators (Utilisation, RPD and RevCar). Are you improving over time, is the market growing at the same rate as you? Is this the same in all of your key stations?
  • Identify and Plan: Now you have a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses, how are you going to fix them? Do you need to consider your future fleet plans - volume and mix? Is your pricing strategy appropriate?
  • Track your response: Validate you revised strategies against your key KPIs, is your performance improving as expected? How has the market reacted? How will this impact your future plans and targets?


  • You need to have enough competitors of similar size wanting to subscribe to the CPX in your region in order to create a market.
  • This module makes sense if you share your data regularly, at least on a monthly basis. We cannot compute and display a CPX for a given period if we don't have up to date data from all the competitors of a market. Subscribing to the operation module to have an automated data extraction is strongly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start using the CPX right away?
Check the list of our operating systems partners. If yours is not listed, contact them and ask them to set a script following these specifications. If not possible, you can use the manual uploader available in your profile

Can I choose freely the competitors of my market?
At the moment, you cannot choose freely what competitors will be in your market. It's the WeYield staff that sets up new markets, or new competitors in a market, to ensure that the market is of a sufficient size, and that the competitors are of a similar size, in order to enforce the fairness of the data share.

Do other teams have access to my data?
No, it's not possible. For a given market, we display the competitors inside the market, but the figures we compute are aggregated and anonymized.

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WeYield is 100% developed, financed,
supported and hosted in France.


Due to ITB cancelation, our Revenue Management Forum will become an online webinar instead. More information to come on our social networks and by email. Stay tuned.